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Photo Booths!:  Call for Pricing
Whether you're looking for a Photo Booth, a Video Booth, or a combination of both,
we have the perfect Booth for you!
Weddings, Sweet 16s, Bar / Bat Mitzvahs, Birthdays, Communions, Christenings, School Parties, Business Events ...
We have small Booths that will easily fit in your house or a restaurant, and we have larger Booths that hold up to 25 people (if you squeeze REALLY close!  LOL!)  We even have Open Air Booths!
We'll supply all of the props (Mustaches, Hats, Glasses, Tiaras, Boas and more!) and we'll personalize your Booth and every picture that's printed out with the name and date of your special occasion!
We'll even match our curtains to your décor!!
At the end of the party, every guest will have priceless, one of a kind, mementos of their wild time at your party that they can hang on the fridge or display on their desk or mantle!
In addition to all the great print-outs, you will get a DVD of EVERY SINGLE PICTURE and VIDEO taken during the entire event and everyone can also get unlimited, FREE digital copies of any (or EVERY!) picture taken!
No Watermarks, No Copyrights!  They're YOUR pictures!
If you're looking to make your party UNFORGETTABLE, a personalized
Jumpin' J's Photo Booth is the way to go!
For more information, check out www.PhotoBoothFiesta.com .
Magic Show:     $250
You asked for it, you got it!
Come join Jumpin' J as he brings his unique style and sense of humor to the
"Amazin' J! Show".
This is a wild and wacky comedy magic show sure to please children and adults alike!  There's plenty of audience participation and YOUR child will get to come up and be a star of the show!  They'll even get to keep their very own comedy magic wand!
Everything you need to make your regular party into a true CARNIVAL PARTY!
Carnival Games:   $50 EACH
Choose from our collection of fun games that run from simple to NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE so you can entertain children of ALL ages!
We have the Crazy Driver game, Prize Wheel Racer, Shoot Out Gallery, Milk Can Toss, Ring Toss, Mini Basketball Shoot, Cover the Spot, 3D Angry Birds, Frog Flinger, Wacky Wire game, Penguin Fish Fling, Pin the Tail on the Donkey and MORE!
Carnival Tents:   $100 EACH
Nothing sets the CARNIVAL theme like these professional red and white striped tents.  Every tent has 3 removable half walls and a full back wall to optimize your CARNIVAL experience!
Carnival Game Attendants:   $100 EACH
Keep your CARNIVAL running smoothly!  Add professional attendants to help run the games, hand out the prizes and keep the kids "playing fair"!  Our attendants help everyone enjoy the party more ... especially YOU!!
Backyard Games:   $50 EACH
Are you looking for games that the adults can play and enjoy just as much as the kids?
Try our Jumbo Connect 4, Jumbo Speed Stacks, Jumbo Jenga or our most popular Backyard Game: the "Triple Table" which allows your guests to play Corn Hole (bean bag toss), Ladder Ball or Beer Pong with the same set up!  That's like getting three games in one!

To make your BACKYARD PARTY the best party ever, make sure to ask us about our DUNK TANK and our BUCKET DUMP game starting as low as $100 per party!
Spin-Art T-Shirts or Backpacks!
                             $50 PER PARTY
                                    + $5 PER SHIRT (If YOU supply the shirts)
                                    + $10 PER SHIRT (If WE supply the shirts)
                                    + $5 PER BACKPACK (We supply!)
Spin-Art is an easy, Clean and fun activity that allows your child to show off their inner artist.  Now, with Spin-Art T-Shirts and Backpacks, they can put that art on display every day and carry it around with them!
These are a great way for kids to show off at school how much fun they had at your party while showing their pride in their one of a kind artwork!
 Spin-Art on Glow-in-Dark Frisbees
                or 5x7 Puzzles:  
                      $50 PER PARTY 
                      + $3 PER CHILD
 Spin-Art is a creative activity that gives kids something fun to do during the party as well as their own unique work of art to take home!
It's fun, it's CLEAN and every one is unique.
Choose from our high quality Glow-In-The-Dark Frisbees that will ensure that your guests will remember your party LONG after it's over . . .
Or our one of a kind 5x7 puzzles!  The puzzles can be taken apart and the pieces can be shared with other guests to make an INFINITE amount combinations and an equal amount FUN!
Puzzles or Frisbees, pick the one that's right for you!
Costume Characters:
                 $150 FOR 1 CHARACTER
                       $250 FOR 2 CHARACTERS
Watch the children's eyes light up as they meet they meet their favorite Characters!  Keep your camera handy as children sing, dance, play games and take pictures with characters that look like Elmo, Cookie Monster, Mickey, Minnie, Dora, Hello Kitty, Sonic the Hedgehog ...
even the EASTER BUNNY!
Looking for YOUR favorite character?  Just ask!
                       $400 PER DAY without attendant
                             (House parties only)
                             $500 PER DAY with attendant
Nothing says "summer fun" like knocking someone into a pool of water by a well placed baseball!
Whether you're looking to raise lots of money for a local fund-raiser, entertain the neighborhood kids at your block party or just make your backyard bash the GREATEST EVER, this is sure to be the most talked about (and laughed about!) event at your party!
Looking for a cleaner, cheaper alternative to a traditional Dunk Tank that's good for all ages?
Ask us about our Bucket Dump starting at only $100 per day!
Fantasy Face Painting:   $150 PER HOUR
                                             (up to 15 children per hour)
When you want something bigger, brighter and EXTRA SPECIAL, check out our awesome Fantasy Face painters.  Full face Butterfly Masks, Cat Faces, Super Heroes and unique, one of a kind designs will turn your party into a fantastic masquerade! 
What would your Little Angel become?
Custom Buttons:      $50 PER PARTY
                                       + $2 PER CHILD
Be the first on your block to enjoy this unique craft idea!
Your child can make their very own handmade, Custom Button by coloring any one of over 30 popular character blanks or by creating their own one of a kind art work!  They can use photos, drawings, thumbprints, text or anything else they desire.  This is a fun, clean, quiet craft that's different and  original! These also make excellent mementoes for any special occasion. 
Pre-made buttons are also available for Party Favors, Team Support, School Spirit, Child IDs, Rewards and Fund Raisers.  Please call for prices.
Temporary Tattoos:    $100 PER HOUR
Our high quality, hypo-allergenic Temporary Tattoos are fun for all and ideal for any occasion !  You can pick from our hundreds of amazing designs including all of the Disney Princesses and many of the most popular superheroes . . . including Spider-Man!!  We have everything from Dolphins to Dragons!  Lots of Mom and Dads get matching Tattoos with their kids -- they look that great!
Glitter Tattoos:     $100 PER HOUR
                                 (up to 15 children per hour)
Are you looking for something different?  Not all that glitters is gold.
 Sometimes it comes in red, blue, black, green, pink . . . you get the picture.  Whether you're looking for a Butterfly, a Dragon, a Flower, an interesting Tribal design or something Custom, our Glitter Artists can help you Dazzle and SHINE!  These unique and eye catching hand painted tattoos will continue to sparkle for 3 to 7 days!  Of course, if you want, they can be easily removed with alcohol or witch hazel . . . but you won't want to -- they look GREAT!!
Sand Art:  $50 PER PARTY
                     + $2 PER CHILD
Kids LOVE Sand Art.   It's a fun craft that's as unique as the child making it!  Each child gets to make their own Sand Art creation in VIBRANT COLORED Sand in a cool Key Chain / Zipper Pull Bottle or fashionable Necklace.  It's a clean, quiet craft that's LOT's of fun.  And when they're all done creating their own one of a kind masterpiece, they have a great memento to remember your party by!
Cotton Candy:  $100 PER PARTY
Did you know that one large Cotton Candy has less sugar than a can of
Soda?  It also has no fat, no sodium and no cholesterol -- it's practically
health food!  It smells great, tastes better and is fascinating to watch!
Sno-Kones:  $100 PER PARTY
Nothing says "childhood" like these delicious icy treats!  Perfect for those warm weather Birthdays and Block Parties, but equally fun for those indoor winter parties where the kids work up a sweat dancing and playing around!  You supply the ice and we'll supply everything else!
Popcorn:   $100 PER PARTY
Authentic Movie Style Popcorn made fresh in front of you!  Hot,  Delicious and LOADS of fun!
Due to popcorn being a known choking hazard, Jumpin' J's does not recommend it for parties where younger children will be present!
Yo-Yo Balloons:  $2 EACH
   Kids absolutely LOVE these virtually indestructable toys!  They are   totally safe (no mystery liquids inside) and they're LOADS of fun!
They make ideal party favors or very inexpensive party extras.
They've been know to last for MONTHS!
Balloon Sculptures:  $150 PER HOUR
                                          (up to 15 Children per hour)
This is the highlight of most parties!  From Spiderman to the Little Mermaid, Koala Bears Climbing Coconut Trees to Bow and Arrows THAT REALLY SHOOT!!  Our MASTER BALLOON ARTIST will amaze you with levels of this great art form that you never imagined!  You name it, he can make it.  There's a perfect balloon sculpture for boys and girls of ALL ages! 
Call ahead for Special Requests like Birthday Cakes or specific characters.
                                 All prices indicated above are for parties of 25 children or less
unless otherwise noted.  Larger parties will incur slightly higher fees.  Please call for a free price quote.
Final payment must be made on the day of the party via Cash ONLY please!
There is a $150 minimum order required on all parties on Staten Island,
$250 minimum for parties not located on Staten Island.